Heep Center 507, 508, 510 and 514

2475 TAMU, Olsen Boulevard

College Station, TX, 77807

Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University

Genetic Basis of Hybrid Sterility between An. gambiae and An. quadriannulatus 

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   Kevin Deitz, Willem Takken, Michel Slotman (PI)

Monitoring and Evaluation of Malaria Vectors on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea.

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   Isaac McNeely, Michel Slotman [and others]

The Genetic Basis of Human Host Preference in Anopheles gambiae 

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    Zach Popkin-Hall, Willem Takken, Michel Slotman (PI)

Research Projects (last updated 09/2/2016)                                           

Mosquito Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics

Genome-wide Mapping of Behavioral Resistance in Anopheles coluzzii.

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    Jacob Meyers, Giridhar Athrey, Michel Slotman [and others]

Undergraduate research projects:

    1] Larval competitiveness of hybrids within the Anopheles gambiae complex

        Mackenzie Hartman, Jacob Meyers, Kevin Deitz

    1] Mating competition within the Anopheles gambiae complex

          Sydney Tippelt, Zach Popkin-Hall

     1] Larval cannibalism within and between species of the Anopheles gambiae 


        Kacy Petersen, Jacob Meyers

Role of miRNA's in the regulation of host seeking behavior in Aedes aegypti. 

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    Luciano Cosme, Michel Slotman (PI)